Mike is 83 years old and runs as much as he can each week. He started running at the age of 45, it was initially to lose weight but soon turned into a hobby. He joined a group run by Cheltenham Harriers for non runners to train them to run the Cheltenham Half Marathon. He enjoyed running and the company of other runners so he eventually decided to join the Harriers Club. Mike ran in races across England and Europe. The races ranged from 5k to 25k as well as cross country. 
At the age of 61 he ran the London Marathon and the World Veterans Champion- ships in Brugge which was an enormous achievement. In his mid 70’s Mike developed asthma which meant he had to stop running. In- stead he did more walking to keep fit. Recently he has managed to control his asthma so he has started to do more jogging as well as walking. He hopes to start running more regularly and plans to join the 5k Park Runs that have started every Saturday morning for people of all ages and abilities.
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